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Library of Things

Welcome to our Library of Things, a unique collection of games, tools, gadgets, and other items that promote life-long learning, accessibility, social connections, and fun!

Please note, this page is still under construction. Check back often to see what we've added!

Library of Things Lending Guidelines 
  • Please return Things INSIDE at the White Lake Community Library, not in the drop boxes. This prevents damage.
  • Some Things (mainly tools) may only be borrowed by people 18 or older and require a signed user agreement before borrowing.
  • All parts of Things and the accompanying materials in the original container must be returned.
  • There may be a charge for Things returned damaged or incomplete.
  • The borrower agrees to protect save and keep the White Lake Community Library, the Library Board of Trustees, the Library Director, their agents and employees forever free and harmless, and indemnified against any and all costs or expense arising out of any accident or other occurrence causing injury to any persons or property as a result of using any item in the Library of Things.