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Cookbook Club

All are welcome at this monthly cookbook gathering held every second Monday at 5:30 p.m. Participants cook a recipe using the month's theme (see below) and bring a sample and a copy of the recipe to the group for discussion.

Publicity flyer for a cookbook club with cookbooks and spices

           The July 8th topic is a recipe from your heritage.

  • For each meeting, choose a recipe within the monthly theme to prepare and share. Bring a copy of the recipe including a list of all ingredients. At the meeting, participants will sample each other's dishes and discuss the cookbooks, dishes, and cooking techniques involved.


  • Please bring your own table service, if possible, including a dish with lid for leftovers. If your recipe needs any special serving tools or equipment, please bring them. We cannot warm up foods in the library, so bring your dish ready to serve. 


Food served at this program will be prepared in home kitchens. Participation in programs involving food is at your own risk; White Lake Community Library cannot guarantee that food served at this program has not come into contact with tree nuts, soy, or any other allergens.