Joseph Sadony: Exploring the Boundaries of Perception

Join us for a intriguing look into the life and work of local legend Joseph Sadony.

White Lake Community Library presents Joseph Sadony: Exploring the Boundaries of Perception on Friday evening, October 25 at 7:00 pm.  Dr. Richard Howlin will lead a discussion about Sadony’s groundbreaking investigations, and how today ESP (Sadony’s “strange science”) remains an emerging area of quantum physics research.

On October 25th, Howlin will explore Sadony’s scientific efforts, which were generally ignored during his lifetime. He was a pioneer in the study of what we now call extra sensory perception, but he was known as an intuitive psychic who claimed to receive knowledge by way of an unknown energy source. Sadony dedicated his life to discovering the science behind the energy that provided his “intuitive” knowledge. While his focus was on science, he became world-famous for his pre-knowledge of specific future events. Sadony befriended a wide range of internationally known celebrities and he wrote newspaper columns, articles and books.

In his 1960 obituary, Sadony was described as an “enigmatic sage”. He was 83 when he died, and was “one of the best known and least understood men in Michigan”, according to the Muskegon Chronicle. Sadony, born in 1877, bought the 80 acre estate Valley of the Pines in Montague when he was 29. He spent his life there, dedicating himself to the understanding of science and human nature. He developed a library of over 30,000 volumes, published several books and wrote a daily column called “Give Thought” for the Chronicle.

Dr. Howlin is a clinical developmental psychologist with over 30 years of experience. He lectured 11 years at the University of Michigan, and formerly at Brunel University in London and the University of Munich. Currently he conducts ongoing consultations on autistic spectrum disorders. He maintains a private practice in Chelsea, Michigan, where he resides with his family. Dr. Howlin’s writings and teaching have focused on the neurobiology and treatment of Asperger Syndrome and the study of creative personalities. He has studied the life of Joseph Sadony for many years.

Two years ago, Dr. Howlin presented a close look at Joseph Sadony at the library.  Howlin and audience members discussed evidence of Sadony’s exceptional capacities to see into the future. At that presentation, Howlin emphasized Sadony’s drive to discover how this knowledge was accessible to him, his focus on science and scientific method, and his philosophical genius.

The public is invited to White Lake Community Library for Howlin’s second presentation – Joseph Sadony: Exploring the Boundaries of Perception.  There is no charge to attend and light refreshments will be available.